Na stronie internetowej UNWTO udostępniony został bezpłatny kurs pt. INTRODUCTION TO INTERNATIONAL TOURISM AND TRAVEL LAW.

Kurs obejmuje 4 moduły:

1- Institutions and International Law

(a) UNWTO – Introduction to UNWTO
(b) Structure of UNWTO – Policy making
(c) UNWTO – Legal instruments
(d) Other institutions and an overview of international tourism law
(e) The Framework convention on Tourism Ethics
(f) COVID-19 and tourism consumer protection
(g) The development of an International Code for the Protection of Tourists- Main aspects and legal issues for the development of international standards on tourism protection
(h) Takeaways

2- The Rules of the Market – Transport and Tourism

(a) Access to the Markets
(b) Competition
(c) Infrastructure Management Challenges
(d) International Carriage of Passengers by Sea
(e) International Carriage of Passengers by Air
(f) International Carriage of Passengers by Railway
(g) International Carriage of Passengers by Road

3- Traveler´s Protection

(a) Introduction to Travel Contracts
(b) Accommodation Contract and Short-Term Rentals
(c) Package Travel Contract
(d) Introduction to Tourist Rights and Consumer Protection
(e) Takeaways and Conclusion of the Module

4- Sustainable Tourism Law

(a) Introduction to Sustainable Tourism Law (Focused on Nature, Ecotourism and Adventure)
(b) Nature-based Tourism Rules
(c) Soft and Hard Adventure Tourism Activities
(d) Risk Management
(e) Information, Warnings, and Care
(f) An Accident? Safety and Insurance
(g) Liability of Tourism Service Providers
(h) International Standards and Experiences
(i) Takeaways

Kurs jest dostępny: tutaj.


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