„Air and Space Law” – numer specjalny poświęcony COVID-19

Ukazał się nowy numer czasopisma „Air and Space Law”, w całości poświęcony problemowy COVID-19. Zawiera on poniższe artykuły, w całości dostępne (przez ograniczony czas) na stronie wydawcy: tutaj.

A Message from the Board of Editors: COVID-19 Special Edition of Air & Space Law(p. 1)

Evolution or Devolution: Aviation Law and Practice After COVID-19(p. 3)

Roberto Cassar

National Reflexes Following the COVID-19 Outbreak: Is Sovereignty Back in the Air?(p. 17)

Pablo Mendes De Leon

Combating COVID-19: The Role of Space Law and Technology(p. 39)

Tanja Masson-Zwaan

State Aid and Air Transport in the Shadow of COVID-19(p. 61)

Steven Truxal

Slots: Use It or Lose It(p. 83)

P.P.C. Peter Haanappel

COVID-19 Pandemic and the Measures Taken by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency(p. 95)

Rita Sousa Uva, Mikolaj Ratajczyk

Space Data in the Fight against Pandemics: Privacy Concerns and Sharing of Benefits from the Use of Space Technology for Decision-Making(p. 108)

Dimitra Stefoudi

EU Regulation No 261/2004 on Air Passenger Rights: The Impact of the COVID-19 on Flight Cancellation and the Concept of Extraordinary Circumstances(p. 123)

Cyril-Igor Grigorieff, Chrystel Erotokritou

The Potential for Exposure of Air Carriers to Passenger Liability in Respect of COVID-19(p. 143)

Andrea Trimarchi, Robert Lawson Qc, Andrew Harakas

COVID-19 and International Aircraft Financing Law(p. 155)

Donal Hanley

COVID-19 and Its Impact on Space Activities: Force Majeure and Further Legal Implications(p. 173)

Lesley Jane Smith, Lukas C. Jung

National Aviation Law Responses to COVID-19(p. 195)

Benjamyn I. Scott (ed.)


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